三菱 ランサーエボリューション9 カーボンカナードキット Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution9 Carbon Canard kit

三菱 ランサーエボリューション9  カーボンカナードキット Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution9 Carbon Canard kit


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フロントの逃げ、不安定を感じた経験はないでしょうか? そんなエボ9オーナーの方の為に製作してみました。




Design, has body, stay part, the side flange (outside) and carbon together shaped in order to increase the sense of unity.
In order to achieve both performance and design, finally it became this form.
Bolt to the surface by which the stay and the body together, bis, beautifully for such rivet does not come out,
Moreover, it is the strength that does not put out in the general-purpose products. Surface Kabon, is a clear gel coat finish.

When traveling the circuit by mounting a large GT wing, in exchange for the rear traction
Front escape of, I tried to manufacture for those of? In such Evo 9 owners do not experience that felt unstable.
Stretched out as much as possible from the bumper side to bumper front direction is provided with a mounting point to the front end,
To prevent as much as possible in the vertical direction of the bending of the when the down force is applied, has been thoroughly pursued performance.
In the case of vehicle understeer in the high-speed corners occurs, we have to experience the time up to the most people.

Strength is a total of 4-ply, 5-ply to the main point. Stay part and Saidofurabbu part becomes a rib structure, rigidity is sufficient.
In addition the front end is Yes in consideration of such air to the side duct is sent smoothly.

Mounting can be mounted if Phillips screwdriver is by one because only use a dedicated screw which is included.
Of course, also open holes for the screws to the stay part. There is no need under pierce so genuine bumper is made of urethane.
Of course there is no need of bumper desorption.
It is required separately without economical to purchase and installation stay.
For more details, it has been explained at the time of the dealings.

Photos, which was temporarily stopped to shoot the sample goods in clear tape, the actual screws attaches firmly.
Please bid on who to convince seeing photos. Although we have developed in a look of 9MR hamper, it can also be installed without any problems in the bumper of 9.
Matching to it other than the bumper is not taken. Please note.
This product is one one side, it comes with a dedicated screw a total of two.

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