日産 フェアレディーZ Z33用 カーボンカナードキット Nissan FairladyZ 350Z Carbon Canard kit

日産 フェアレディーZ Z33用  カーボンカナードキット Nissan FairladyZ 350Z Carbon Canard kit

¥ 25,300

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Design was the main body, and carbon together shaping the stay part. By integrating the stay and the body
Beautifully without leaving the screws and rivets on the surface, and it's high strength.
In the case of 33Z, and the fact that Earl shape of canard attachment point is usually the opposite,
Canard such as general-purpose becomes a side marker lens is the way it was difficult mounting.
This time, we would appreciate your consideration because we have developed a dedicated product.
Surface Kabon, clear gel coat finish. Mounting portion has a shape to match the dents of the side marker,
It does not give a sense of discomfort. When viewed from the side as well, so that the stay portion does not hide the marker
Yes to cut as long as possible. Strength high-strength 4-ply. Strength reduction of the portion around which was cut,
Ensure the rigidity increase the thickness of its surroundings as Wanpurai. Side flap is not a right angle, lift naturally in diagonal on the direction,
We finish without breaking the beautiful design of the Z33 rounded. The overall design,
It canards mounted on the Z currently competing in GT championship with reference.
It is made to flow upward to catch the air flowing from the bumper center toward the outside.
Too big flashy ones, in a somewhat smallish because I thought does not suit to this car
To demonstrate the effect of more than one large-scale by a two-stage downforce you've decreased.
In particular, the balancing of the case that is mounted in the rear wing is perfect.
Of course on the size basis it falls within the overall length overall width.

Photo is where you are temporarily attached to sample products at the tape in development for bumper.
Please bid on who to convince seeing photos.
Here is for the Z33 previous term type bumper.
Late type can not be installed because the shape of the side reflectors is different.

Mounting can be mounted if Phillips screwdriver is by one because only use a dedicated screw which is included.
Of course, it also open holes for the screws to the stay part, the content of the set, will be left, right, up, and down four and mounting screws.
There is no need under pierce so genuine bumper is made of urethane.
It is required separately without economical to purchase and installation stay.

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