R34 フロント ブーメラン トーフック / R34 Front Toe Hook

R34 フロント ブーメラン トーフック / R34 Front Toe Hook

¥ 18,000

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34 Standard car, Vspec, Nismo and Z tune are all common.
Be sure to tighten the hexagon wrench with a pipe etc. strongly by the force of the lever, bolt is using high tension bolt which makes one 1500 yen!
Please tighten it so that even if a light person gets on it will not move.
As it is easy to install, the gap is intentionally opened with bar at 1 m. It will fit if you tighten it in.
When tightening is sweet, hook moves up and down when towing Tighten it strongly as it may hurt the spoiler!

Since painting is not done, please use it after painting it in your favorite color.
If you can purchase 7000 yen separately as an option, we will paint it in your favorite color.

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