日産 スカイライン GTR R34用 カーボンカナードキット Nissan Skyline GTR R34 Carbon Canard kit

日産 スカイライン GTR R34用 カーボンカナードキット Nissan Skyline GTR R34 Carbon Canard kit


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R34 skyline GTR original bumper exclusive use carbon two step Canard.
The design made the body stays part, side flange (outer side) carbon integrally shaped to increase sense of unity.
It finally became this form to make performance and design compatible.
By integrating the stay and the main body, bolts, screws, rivets etc do not appear on the surface, so it is beautiful and strength that can not be taken out with general-purpose goods.
The surface is carborne, clear gel coat, clear paint finish.
Usually I think that the lip spoiler is attached to 34 bumpers so it will be tighter than the photo

34 was also more affordable and more people attacked at the circuit. It seems that there are many cases in which you are worried about the aerodynamics side by wearing GT wings and others. I also carefully used the aerodynamic balance and design side before and after I developed for R34.
On the important side of the canard, extend as far as possible from the bumper side towards the front of the bumper and extend the mounting point as far as possible to the front end to prevent vertical scenario as much as possible when downforce is applied and pursue drone performance.
In the case of 34 additionally, it can be expected to further strengthen it because it stretches to the installation place such as the front lamp etc. and fixes with screws.

Strength is total 4 plies Important part has changed thickness and strength by 6 plies place. The stay part and the side flap part become the rib structure and earn strength as much as possible. Also, there is a fairly disturbing dent for mounting Canard on the back of the genuine bumper (near the tire), but the shape was shaped to fit along there.
The size goes into a pretty large category in our Canard series.

Since installation is only using the attached special screw, it is possible to install if there is one Phillips screwdriver.
Of course the hole for the screw is also opened in the stay part, and the mounting screw is also attached.
Since the bumper is made of urethane, there is no need to pierce the hole. There is no need to purchase mounting stays etc separately and it is economical.

The photo is temporarily attached to the bumper for development with tape, so it is not securely fixed, but it is securely fixed with screws.
Please see the photograph and bid it after convinced. Since it developed with the 34 GTR original genuine Humper you see,
We do not match to other bumpers (GTS, nismo, outside the company etc.). Please note.
The set contents are only Canadian total 4 and mounting screws.

This exhibition is a two-stage specification.

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