G1S シングルバルブ LEDキット Single bulb LED Kit

G1S シングルバルブ LEDキット Single bulb LED Kit


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従来の商品とは異なりコントロールユニットをバルブ側に全て内臓させた一体型 (オールインワン) のモデルになります。


※1 車種によっては事前に光軸調整が必要な場合があります。
※2 ごく稀にハウジングの形状によって車検に合格出来ない場合があります。
※3 社外ヘッドライト・劣化したヘッドライトは商品の品質以前の問題となりますので車検対応・返品対応対象外とさせて頂きます。



→ info@rizejapan.com

参考価格 Hi/Loタイプ 4320円 シングルタイプ 3240円

フォーマットは問いませんのでFAXにてご連絡下さい→ 045-330-4347 (ゴム印・角印必須)

純正のハロゲンバルブと比較すると台座の底部分より末端までが約2.5-3cm (バルブ形状により異なる) 全長が長くなっております

#Product Summary#
It is a G1 model which began selling in June 2017.
Unlike traditional products, it will be a one-piece (all-in-one) model with all the control units built into the valve side.
By installing a cooling fan in the rear, the heat dissipation efficiency has dramatically improved, making it even brighter than existing models.
The output will be up to 40 watts (W) and the color temperature will be pure white equivalent to 6500 Kelvin (K).
Light intensity is total of 6,000 lumens (LM) total left and right, and it is a specification with high output considerably when compared with general commercial products.

The G1 model will be a completely original product produced by Rise Japan's proprietary method. (Produced at Taiwan factory)

Since we are using the optical axis and light intensity measuring device from the design stage
Even if it is used for either low beam or high beam, it conforms to the current new vehicle inspection standards.
* 1 There may be cases where optical axis adjustment is required beforehand depending on the model.
※ 2 There are occasions when it is not possible to pass the vehicle inspection due to the shape of the housing very rarely, but we will accept returns if you can process our regulations within 2 weeks.
* 3 Head light outside the company · Because deteriorated head light will be a problem before the quality of the product, we will make it non-compliant for vehicle inspection correspondence / returned goods correspondence.

# Installation #
Since there is no part other than the posted photo, special knowledge is unnecessary in installing this product.
Anyone who can do genuine sphere replacement work can easily install themselves by themselves.
Those who are not confident in installation can work "visit · business trip" at our company so please do not hesitate to consult us.

A two-year warranty for security is attached.
Since we always stock regularly, we will send replacement items immediately from here if you have a warranty even if trouble occurs by any chance.
※ Excessive water wetting · intentional · malfunction due to installation error is out of warranty
* The shipping fee charged for shipping charges to customers.

# Fit #
It is possible to use it in all cars if the valve shape and even the number of bolts are matched.
Since we also handle various cancellers, it is also possible to deal with the latest domestic cars, imported cars, hybrids, etc.
In case of uncertainty regarding conformity, please do not hesitate to contact us as we will confirm the conformity in advance.
→ info@rizejapan.com

If you use it as a headlight for imported cars, please think that you need almost canceller.
Although basically domestic cars are unnecessary, there are times when cancellers are necessary for the latest type and hybrids etc.
Reference price Hi / Lo type 4320 yen Single type 3240 yen
※ At a later date, it is also possible to sell cancellers only separately.

# A car dealer #
We welcome contractor sale.
Since format is not asked, please contact by FAX → 045-330-4347 (Rubber stamp · Square ball required)

We will respond here with responsibility for trouble of the product itself, but please understand beforehand because it is very different from the installation guarantee.
Compared with genuine halogen bulbs, the length from the bottom of the pedestal to the end is about 2.5 - 3 cm (varies depending on valve shape), the total length is longer
Please check beforehand whether there is sufficient space on the back of your own vehicle.

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