ワークスベル ラフィックス2 / Works Bell RapFix2 BLACK

ワークスベル ラフィックス2  / Works Bell RapFix2 BLACK

¥ 33,684

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軽量化 ~174グラムの軽量化を実現~





また「ボールロックシステム・ラフィックス」はステアリング操作に関わりお客様の安全を司る重要保安部品であり、弊社では各種工業試験により安全性を確実にした製品を製造・販売させて頂いております。しかしながら品質・安全性が著しく劣る粗悪類似品を誤ってご使用された場合、重大事故等を招く高い可能性は想像に難くなく、ラフィックスをご利用頂くお客様方の安全性を事前に保つ為にも、ラフィックスオリジナル製品の証としてスリーブにMADE BYワークスベルのブランドロゴのシルク印刷で示しました。

品質の向上 ~表面処理~




In the case of the conventional type, when releasing the hand from the sleeve after release, the sleeve returns to the original position by the force of the spring, and it becomes the state as shown on the right. Therefore, when installing the steering wheel, it was necessary to push the safety stroke, that is, the safety button, and pull the sleeve and insert it into the socket.

In the new model, we improved the function significantly and succeeded in adding a holding function to make the sleeve drawn as it is at the time of release by increasing the number of parts by 3 points (adding 2 other screws) compared with the old type.

As a result, even if you release your hand from the sleeve, the sleeve position is held as shown in the right figure, so you can omit the task of pushing the safety button again and pulling the sleeve when you attach it, making it easy to operate the steering wheel You can now do it.

Weight reduction - Weight reduction of 174 grams realized -

■ Sleeve
In order to quantify while maintaining the necessary strength, Rifix II changed from steel material (mild steel) used in old raffaix to cold forged material of aluminum alloy A5056.

■ Socket & plug
As usual aluminum alloy A5056 cold forged material was adopted. A5056 The cold forged material has good coloring properties of alumite, and in terms of strength, it meets the company's in-house design strength standards.

Proof of safety

Unfortunately bad analogue which imitated Lafix is ​​produced abroad and it is circulating in some domestic. These similar products are extremely similar in appearance to "LIFIX" manufactured by our company, and it is regrettable as our company, which is an illegal copy product which has become a problem also in society in recent years.
Also, "Ball Lock System · Lifix" is an important safety part for customer's safety concerning steering operation, we have been manufacturing and selling products ensuring safety by various industrial tests. However, if you accidentally use bad and bad products that are significantly inferior in quality and safety, the high possibility of causing serious accidents etc. is not hard to imagine, in order to keep the safety of customers who use Lifix in advance Also on the sleeve as a proof of the original product Lafifix MADE BY Works bell brand logo shown in silk printing.

Improvement of quality ~ Surface treatment ~
In the case of
■ Sleeve
In Lafix II, it is natural to improve the material strength by optimizing the material by cold forging, further improving the texture and abrasion resistance of the product, and examining the surface treatment considering the environment. As a result, silver sleeve has special treatment and black sleeve has hard alumite treatment.

Inside of sleeve
By applying Teflon paint on the sliding surface of the socket (inner surface of the sleeve) at Lafix II, it is difficult for the socket to be scratched, and the slide action at the time of releasing the sleeve becomes smooth.

■ Socket & plug
As with the old type Rufix, Lafix II is also subjected to alumite treatment for sockets and plugs, which reduces wear due to friction during use and produces a beautiful appearance.

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