GReddy ブローオフバルブFV 本体のみ Blow Off bulb FV Only Body

GReddy ブローオフバルブFV 本体のみ Blow Off bulb FV Only Body

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GReddy BLOW OFF VALVE FVはフローティングバルブ構造の採用により、サージタンクの負圧ではバルブが引き上げられない構造を採用。強い初期加重が不要となり、低過給時や細かなアクセルワークでのバルブ作動レスポンスの向上と、高過給時のリリーフ防止を両立させた新世代ブローオフバルブです。

GReddy by BLOW OFF VALVE FV adoption of floating valve structure, adopt a structure in which the valve is not pulled in the negative pressure of the surge tank. Strong initial weight is not required, and the improvement of the valve actuation response at low supercharging or when fine accelerator work, is a new generation blow-off valve that combines relief prevention at high supercharging.
The position of the mounting flange and open ports GReddy blow off valve TYPE-RS, the RZ and the same shape, it is possible replacement of the conventional model.

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